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We are a licensed Migration and Employment Agency. Our professional services cover and integrate both these complimentary specialty functions offering a range of values and benefits to our clients.

Placing the right people in the right West Australian industries

  • Aimed at satisfying the needs of WA businesses at optimum speed, our employment department identifies and recruits only proven international skilled candidates while our migration department follows through with all work visa and compliance issues.
  • Powered by a team of experienced and respected licensed agents, our migration department handles all types of visa matters from applications through to appeals.
  • We do pre-employment screening and provide quality and reliable candidates that are skill tested by a gazetted Australian body.
  • This means our clients save precious time, money and immeasurable angst in dealing with what is known to be a complicated affair.
Our Promise : “To serve professionally, efficiently and honestly”.
"...We are truly happy to know that the visa has been approved and that we can continue our journey together as husband and wife. "
Mr. and Mrs. David and Charlotte Wisener, Australia
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Find out more about the new SkillSellect program for Australia Skill Migration and Business schemes.
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